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Raidcall Server Info    
1. Download Raidcall.
2. Install and run Raidcall.
3. Make an account.
4. Put in the following number for the group ID: 1614036
5. ???
6. Profit.
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Other Guild News

Icecrown Citadel Progess

Celurea, Oct 30, 11 10:43 PM.
1. Lord Marrowgar
2. Lady Deathwhisper
3. Deathbringer Saurfang
4. Festergut
5. Rotface
6. Professor Putricide
7. Blood Prince Council
8. Blood-Queen Lana'thel
9. Valithria Dreamwalker
10. Sindragosa
11. The Lich King

Raiding Requirements

Celurea, Oct 16, 11 2:33 AM.
Instead of a gearscore requirement, we will now have dps requirements for dps classes. Tanks and healers are admitted to raids depending on their gear and ability.

Raidcall and the time to raid at least 2 hours is still required.

These requirements are only here to ensure successful raids for the guild.


Trial of the Crusader!

Celurea, Sep 26, 11 12:18 AM.
Be sure to sign up!

Raid requirements:
  • Raidcall
  • 4000+ gearscore.
  • The time to stay the full 2 hours. I will end the raid after 2 hours has passed, you are free to leave.

Kel'Thuzad Down!

Celurea, Sep 24, 11 11:47 PM.

Good job all! Ulduar 10 man here we come! :)


Celurea, Sep 22, 11 10:42 AM.
Be sure to check out if you do not know the fights yet. Youtube videos help too.
Friday: Arachnid Quarter
            Plague Quarter
            Military Quarter
Saturday: Rest
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